17x17 Piston House

17×17 Piston House (1.16) Map

17×17 Piston House

This house features a bunch of different redstone creations (and they are not just piston mechanisms). Also, it is larger than it looks like on the outside since you’ll be able to access hidden basement and so on. As a whole it includes a good variety of redstone creations. Everything from automated food farms to a library which functions as an area for enchanting.

Creator: Arian

There are not that many redstone creations in the house. Try to find the hidden staircase to access the hidden rooms in the basement to find some more advanced creations.

In one room you will find multiple farms in one. The farms are automated and will output the items in the chests.

One of my favorite creations is probably the most basic one and it is the fireplace. Drop a wood log in the fireplace to automatically ignite a fire.

On the second floor of the house you will find a bed for the night. But as I mentioned before, it’s mainly in the hidden basement where you will find the interesting parts, meaning the redstone creations.

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