The doggos

The doggos (1.16 , 1.17 , 1.18 , 1.19 , 1.20) Texture

The doggos

Created By Parzival_

Wolves in Minecraft are kind of boring because they only have one texture; however, with this pack, you can have new wolves, I mean new dog breed textures! There are 23 tamed dog textures (19 dog breeds) that can be obtained by using a specific nametag on your tamed dog! This pack is a bedrock port for PixalThePixeled’s Java Edition Texture Pack ‘The Doggos’. More dog breeds will be added soon.

Put a name tag on an anvil. Rename it like this: “Dobermann.” Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and don’t include the quotes (“”). Use the nametag on a tamed wolf and finish!

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