10 ways your body can tell you something is wrong

Liver damage can go out of control for years, and the cumulative damage can eventually lead to overall failure. It is the largest internal organ and needs your help to stay healthy. The liver can repair itself and is very elastic. This means that it can continue to function even if it is seriously damaged. Learning how to watch for key warning signs is vital to keep your liver healthy and function properly.

Chronic stomach swelling.

A persistently bloated belly cannot be the result of overeating. It could be bloating caused by liver problems. If you look like you are pregnant, then the liver may be to blame. If your stomach is enlarged due to liver problems, then it will be painful to touch.

Stomach ache.

If you live with persistent pain just below your right ribs, then you urgently need to see a doctor. This pain occurs along with liver problems, and it can become so intense that it is difficult to just sit still.

Right shoulder pain.

You may also feel pain in your right shoulder as a result of liver problems. This occurs mainly when cancer is present in the liver and the tumor grows. As the tumor grows in mass and pressure on adjacent nerves. This can put pressure on the nerve that connects to the shoulder. If your shoulder pain is related to your liver, you can cause hiccups by putting pressure on your stomach.

Vomiting regularly

It becomes more difficult for the body to process foods and liquids as the liver is not working. This puts constant stress on your system. In addition to pain and swelling, you may also feel sick with your stomach. Eventually, you will start to vomit regularly.

Mysterious bruises.

Your liver makes proteins necessary for blood clotting. As the malfunction occurs, protein levels drop and you may start to bruise and bleed easily.

Regular exhaustion.

If you feel tired and lethargic every day, you may be dealing with liver problems. As waste builds up in the liver, it can lower oxygen levels and make you feel tired all the time.

Personality change.

As toxins accumulate in the blood, they can drift into the brain. Harder to concentrate. Other problems include memory and sleep problems.

Appetite changes.

If your liver is sick, you will lose interest in food. Weight loss usually occurs as a result. If you are eating normally and the scale is showing falling numbers, you should see a doctor. This is important for identifying the underlying problem.


Jaundice occurs when waste builds up in the body and bile pigment travels into the bloodstream. The whites of your eyes and your skin may turn yellowish. This condition is common in babies and will go away over time. In adults, this is a serious warning sign of liver problems.

Swollen ankles, swollen ankles.

The swelling is not limited to your stomach. Fluids can also collect in the ankles. This swelling can be caused by other conditions, so testing needs to be done to determine what is wrong.


One of the first symptoms associated with liver problems, diarrhea, should not be ignored.

Dark urine.

One of the easiest things you can do is peek into the toilet before flushing the water. If your urine is dark and your stools are lighter in color than usual, you should seek medical attention. Although there are many possible causes of dark urine, liver damage should be ruled out as soon as possible.

The liver can be damaged by parasites. Immune system problems can lead to autoimmune liver disease. In some cases, liver damage is simply inherited. Cancer and malignant tumors can affect liver function. Finally, alcohol abuse can impair the liver’s ability to function. The sooner your condition is diagnosed and treatment begins, the greater your chances of healing.


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